Can you suggest some good tutorials on how to play the guitar for beginners?

When starting to learn how to play the guitar or any instrument, the best thing that you can do is to practice and practice some more. At first, you are going to sounds bad and your finger tips are going to hurt and have some calluses but that is how it is, those are called labor pains. Try learning as many chords as you can starting from C, G, F, A, Am and so on. Keep this up and practice for at least 30 minutes a day and you will feel and notice your progress.

Buy a guitar that is not too expensive but also make sure that the guitar feels right and comfortable as you play. The reason for this is because you are most likely to make some mistakes with the guitar or, you will eventually feel that this is not the right instrument for you, so you do not want to spend a fortune on your first guitar.

The guitar exercises that you need to do depends on the type of guitar that you have: electric, classical or acoustic. Classical guitars have a wider fret and needs perseverance to learn and move your fingers to match the rhythm. Although, some people say that if you know how to play a classical guitar, you can play anything. It is also good to point out that the guitar is an instrument that a lot of people can self-study or teach themselves. It is also a cheap instrument to learn.

YouTube is an endless resource full of video tutorials that can teach you how to play many kinds of songs. You can also always attend classes or have professionals teach you how to play. We recommend Hal Leonnard’s books on how to play the guitar.