How do I learn to play the acoustic guitar?

I want to learn how to play the acoustic guitar but I don’t know where or how to start. Can you recommend any good websites where I can watch different tutorial videos for beginners which also includes how to finger pick?

Beginners who wants to learn how to play the guitar starts with familiarizing themselves with the basic chords, you can search for a chord chart online and download them. Learn some of the basic chords: C, D, Dm, E, Em, G and Am. If you are using your fingers to strum, it is not called finger picking. Fingerpicking is a different approach or style of playing the guitar. You fingerpick when you use your fingernails or using small plectrums that are placed on the tips of your fingers and pluck the strings one by one. Although it is good to have a pick when beginning to play the guitar it is not a necessity. You can always buy some picks, at the local music store, go ahead, they are not expensive.