How many sounds or notes can an acoustic guitar make?

I am curious as to how many possible sounds can an acoustic guitar make.

Theoretically, there are numerous sounds you can make with only one note by applying some variations on how you pick the string depending on the angle, the attack and the location of your fingers. Using different kinds of picks that vary in thickness and material can also produce a different sound. Even the texture of your skin or fingertips can cause slight variation in the sound or note produced by the guitar. So, if you think that there are 18 – 22 notes produced per string, multiplied by 6 variations, that already equates to a lot of different sounds and that is even before you included the chords.Chords and their different variation can sum up to over 32,000 combinations, even more.

If you add the percussive effect that you can produce from tapping the guitar in different places, then, you can add that to the “sound” produced by an acoustic guitar.