How do you use an acoustic-electric guitar?

I want to buy an acoustic-electric guitar but I do not know how they work or how to use them

The acoustic-electric guitar is a misleading term for the “amplified acoustic” guitar although the term acoustic-electric has become the standard term used by many.Underneath the saddle (the white thing that the strings sit on) in the bridge of the guitar sits a thin piezo of electric pickup that connects to a small preamp on the guitar. This is the control that allows you to set the volume and tone of the guitar to your liking. The piezo electric pickup then sends the signal or the setting to an output jack that is usually built in the strap button which you can connect to an amplifier or a P.A. or even a recorder.

It is an effective way to amplify the sound of the acoustic guitar. Although it is not recommended to use or play an electric guitar kind of distortion since the piezo pickup will have a feedback.

There are some who buys an acoustic-electric guitar thinks that they can play rock music with this kind of guitar but they ended up disappointed when they find out that they cannot use the distortion effect successfully.